The rigid STONECLAD stone masonry restraints were developed to replace the use of flexible brick ties for architectural stone masonry work.

Founder and Director David Packman is highly qualified stonemason and quarryman who has completed thousands of residential, commercial and heritage restoration jobs in Central Otago and Canterbury over the last two decades.


After seeing the damage and stone facade failures post Christchurch Earthquake Events, it was clear to him that stone veneer holding strengths needed to be improved.


Wall ties and restraint fixings are an essential element in the stability of stone masonry construction and a stronger, seismic resistant, solution should be the norm.

In association with engineers and a testing lab he developed the STONECLAD Stone Tie and STONECLAD Stone Clip.

The fact that these are made rigid, as opposed to flexible, is to ensure stronger holding strengths during a seismic event.

The STONECLAD restraints are made in a range of depths and can also be made in custom sizes given enough lead time.


All STONECLAD hardware is made using durable corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel (suitable for marine locations).

The solutions allow for fixing to a masonry wall or fixing to a cavity wall.