STONECLAD Stone Clips are recommended for use at height where buildings tend to move more.

Stone Clips are also ideal for use with thinner veneers/stone cladding where a standard mortar bed is not sufficient.


The installation process include notching the two stones above and below a clip so that it is partially embedded in both stones. The result is incredibly strong holding strengths.

Stone Clip spacings should carefully follow the engineers specification as loading and anchors need to be distributed correctly to maintain the strength needed to withstand a sizable seismic event. NZS4210 provides the principal new build reference for veneer construction.

To view and download systems please go to Architects & Specifiers.


stoneclad 15mm clip side

STONECLAD 15mm stone clip veneer restraint

stoneclad 15mm clip front

STONECLAD 15mm stone clip veneer restraint

clips before 2
clips before